Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Cake Styles & Pricing

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings in Florida provides Wishes Collection brides and grooms with a PDF containing images of many standard wedding cake designs, along with mini cakes and groom’s cakes.

Although you are not restricted to these choices—and Disney is known for its execution of custom cake designs—this document and its corresponding pricing sheet will give you a good idea of how much Disney charges for various cake sizes and levels of complexity.

Click the links below to download the cake photos and pricing:

For photos of the standard Escape Collection wedding cakes, click here.

White Chocolate Castle Cake Topper

Disney’s white chocolate castle cake topper comes in two sizes. (The small size is pictured):

  • Large: $285 – Weighs 10 lbs and sits on a 12-inch diameter base
  • Small: $125 – Weighs 3 lbs and sits on a 6-inch diameter base

White chocolate castle cake toppers may be requested via your Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Event Planner. To order a white chocolate cake topper directly from the vendor for your at-home wedding, click here.

For information on preserving your white chocolate castle cake topper, check out this Disney Wedding Podcast interview with the woman who makes the toppers for Disney.

Projection-Mapping Video Cake

Disney’s projection-mapping cake costs $2,900 for a 5-tiered fake cake and counts toward the Enhancement Minimum for a Wishes Collection event. If you would like any of the layers to be real cake, you will pay extra for those. There are several standard designs (three of which can be seen in the video below), or you can pay $4,500 extra to have them customize the video with your own photos. The projection is seen on the front two sides of the cake, and the projector is hidden inside a giant gift box that face the cake. A white chocolate castle cake topper like the one shown in the video costs $125 extra. To order a white chocolate cake topper directly from the vendor for your at-home wedding, click here.


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