Catered Event Menus

Below are sample menus for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Disney Catered Events.

All menus for every event are customizable, although certain items may not be available at every venue.

You are not limited to the items on these menus—think of them as suggestions. You may request items found at restaurants around Walt Disney World or even ask them to re-create a family favorite.

You can have brunch items at dinnertime and dinner items at 9am, if you want. You can also ignore any minimum guest counts you may see, since you can customize any menu for any group size.

I have included older menus for reference, because you can always request something as a custom item even if it’s not on the current menus.

Dessert Menus

You may request any of the desserts on these menus at any location—you are not limited to the menu listed for your location. (There are also dessert ideas in some of the other menus listed below.)

Meal & Bar Menus

Although there are separate menus, you can request any of the items on these menus at any location—you are not limited to the menu listed for your location or to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings menus vs. “Global” (i.e., anywhere at Walt Disney World) menus. The only limitations have to do with whether certain items must be served at a plated meal or at a buffet.

California Grill Menus

California Grill uses its own menus instead of the ones listed above. It is also the only venue that does not offer menu tasting sessions.

Grand Floridian Private Dining Menus

Menus for small events arranged through Grand Floridian Private Dining and for Happily Ever After fireworks cruises departing from the Grand Floridian Marina.

21 thoughts on “Catered Event Menus

    1. Some of the menus have a few photos in them, but your best bet is to join one of the Facebook Disney bride groups and then search for or post a question about the ones you’re looking for.

    1. “Bill on Consumption” is just a way to pay for drinks. Any drinks purchased count toward the food-and-beverage minimum no matter how you decide to pay for them: via a pre-paid package, via bill-on-consumption or via a cash bar where your guests pay for their own drinks.

  1. One thing I’m super confused by and having trouble finding information on — are our guests allowed to select from multiple entrees at they would be able to do at a traditional wedding? Not sure how there could only be one entree option, what if someone is a vegetarian, for example? Is it much extra have 2-3 entree options to select from?

    1. Hi Kelly! If you have my Fairytale Weddings Guide, this is all explained on page 94. One option is to ask your guests to choose an entree from a select number of choices in the invitation and then provide their selections to your planner 30 days out from the event. This is free, and it’s how they handle vegetarian and other special-diet meals. OR you can do what Disney calls “Crown Service,” where the kitchen makes multiple entrees for every guest and has them available to choose from on the spot, the day of the reception. But this option is extremely pricey because you have to pay for ALL the entrees for every guest, even though they only choose one apiece.

    1. Yes! Check out page 2 of the 2019 bar document. It lists all the Signature wine and liquor brands that come with that package. The beers are the same in every package.

  2. We are looking at an Escape package with the ceremony at Luau Pointe, and thinking about adding on a brunch. My parents also have DVC and since the Top of the World Lounge can be rented out now, we were thinking of doing a dessert style party there. If we wanted to add on a small brunch as well, are there options at either Grand Floridian or Wilderness Lodge for that? I think it would be cool to either stay around the monorail or Bay Lake for all of the events.

  3. Oops – followup to my previous post – just got off the phone with DVC and the member discount isn’t available when also using DFTW, and fireworks dessert parties are a no. We are waiting for a follow up phone call from Disney events – but I’m guessing we won’t be allowed to wear our wedding attire if we try to book a brunch reception as a separate event through events instead of DFTW?

    1. Technically if you don’t book an event through Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, you’re not allowed to wear wedding attire, but this is easier to enforce at in-park events than resort events. You can add on brunch through your Escape planner, and s/he may even be able to get you Top of the World Lounge, which they have been using for Wishes events for many years now. Otherwise, they can get you a ballroom at the Grand Floridian or the Contemporary. There is no catering team at Wilderness Lodge, so they can’t do catered events there.

  4. Hey there! Love your book and I’m so excited I got it. One thing my fiancé and I were planning on doing is hosting a dessert party for our guests, however we are both vegan. Our reception will be 100% vegan and I know Disney can accommodate. But I’m unsure about desert parties specifically. Do you have any insight?

    1. Yes, Disney can accommodate special diets at any type of function. I have interviewed several couples on the Disney Wedding Podcast who had vegan dessert party menus!

  5. If we are having a dessert party at Epcot, can we only choose the set menu items for the parties, or can you say pick the Donald package and swap out one item for macaroons?

    1. Check out the second sentence at the top of this page: All menus are customizable! You can pick a set menu and change a few things on it. You can combine two or more menus. You can create a menu from scratch. You can have the chef create a menu from scratch based on a theme. You are not limited to what’s on any menu your planner sends you.

  6. I am not sure if I missed this somewhere but I don’t see in the book or on the website anywhere that mentions dessert options for a reception. Is this the dessert party? Because it sounds like they are different, maybe I just misunderstood it. If we are having a lunch buffet is there any dessert included or do I have to add on items from the dessert party menu?

    1. If you look at some of the “All Meals” sample menus, you’ll see that many of the suggested menus do include dessert options. But every menu is customizable and few people just get X menu from these PDFs. They completely customize every item on their menus, adding whatever appetizers, mains, sides and desserts they want. Also, it is not usually recommended to pay for a dessert with your reception menu if you’re also serving cake, because you want people to eat the cake you’ve paid $$$ for!

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