Catered Event Menus

Below are sample menus for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Disney Catered Events.

All menus for every event are customizable, although certain items may not be available at every venue.

You are not limited to the items on these menus—think of them as suggestions. You may request items found at restaurants around Walt Disney World or even ask them to re-create a family favorite.

You can have brunch items at dinnertime and dinner items at 9am, if you want. You can also ignore any minimum guest counts you may see, since you can customize any menu for any group size.

I have included older menus for reference, because you can always request something as a custom item even if it’s not on the current menus.

Dessert Menus

You may request any of the desserts on these menus at any location—you are not limited to the menu listed for your location. (There are also dessert ideas in some of the other menus listed below.)

Meal & Bar Menus

Although there are separate menus, you can request any of the items on these menus at any location—you are not limited to the menu listed for your location or to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings menus vs. “Global” (i.e., anywhere at Walt Disney World) menus. The only limitations have to do with whether certain items must be served at a plated meal or at a buffet.

California Grill Menus

California Grill uses its own menus instead of the ones listed above. It is also the only venue that does not offer menu tasting sessions.

Grand Floridian Private Dining Menus

Menus for small events arranged through Grand Floridian Private Dining and for Happily Ever After fireworks cruises departing from the Grand Floridian Marina.

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    1. Some of the menus have a few photos in them, but your best bet is to join one of the Facebook Disney bride groups and then search for or post a question about the ones you’re looking for.

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