COVID-19 Changes to Disney Weddings

As the Walt Disney World Resort begins to reopen and cast members come back to work, some details of the temporary, pandemic-related changes to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings are beginning to emerge.

With the caveat that ANY of this could change at ANY time due to corporate, state or local regulations, here are some of the proposed restrictions for the rest of 2020:

  • Maximum guest count: 50 people
  • Masks must be worn at all times by couple and guests, except when sitting to eat. This includes during the ceremony and portrait sessions.
  • All meals will be plated or family style; no buffets.
  • No more than five guests per table.
  • No dancing or character visits.
  • No fireworks at dessert parties.
  • Certain theme park venues may be unavailable due to use as mask-free relaxation zones.

Again, any of this could and almost certainly will change as the situation in Florida develops. Mask exceptions may be allowed eventually for the bridal couple during the ceremony, photos and first dances, but these have not been approved as of this writing.

Couples who postpone their events may confirm new dates when they are within 10 or 12 months of the new date. (Events that include a full reception may be booked within 12 months; events that include only a two-hour celebration may be booked within 10 months).

If your event is postponed, you will only be held to the event minimum and per-person food and beverage minimum in your original letter of agreement, even if Disney changes them before your event. However, pricing for individual elements of your wedding cannot be guaranteed until 6 months out and may change at any time before that.

Only your Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings sales consultant or event planner will be able to give you the most up-to-date details on COVID-19 restrictions for your date, and only as they obtain information from their corporate partners. Cast members are working on events in order of date priority, so you may not hear from them immediately if your event is farther off.

In the meantime, Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide can answer many of your questions about all the other aspects of the wedding or vow renewal you’re planning at Walt Disney World. And you can find plenty of inspiration in each week’s episode of the Disney Wedding Podcast!

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