Disneyland Wedding Information

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Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide only covers weddings and vow renewals at Walt Disney World. The best resource for current Disneyland wedding information from real couples is the Weddings at Disneyland Facebook Group.

But here’s what I’ve got…

Disney Wedding Podcast Interviews with Disneyland Couples

You’ll hear a timeline of their day, how they chose their venues, the best menu items and cake flavors, and their top planning tips!

Disneyland Wedding Showcase 2020 Recap

An exhaustively detailed account of the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Showcase held at the Disneyland Hotel on February 1, 2020, including nearly 300 photos. Is the next one worth a trip? Read this report to find out!

Disneyland Event Venue Pricing

All of the “event concepts” (venue pricing and information) given to attendees of the 2020 Wedding Showcase.