Discontinued Escape Collection Floral & Decor

Although Disney has discontinued the Escape Collection and now provides custom floral and decor based on your request, these photos may be helpful as inspiration!

For complete details on Disney floral and decor, see THIS PAGE.

You may add floral and decor to the Escape package a la carte or via these packages. You are not required to purchase an entire decor package just to get one element, like aisle petals. See Wishes Collection Floral & Decor for more information on floral pricing.

12 thoughts on “Discontinued Escape Collection Floral & Decor

    1. The bouquet is included in the Escape package at no extra charge, so there are no individual prices for any of the bouquets on this page.

  1. This information is so helpful, thank you! I love the look of rose petals for the aisle and exit photos in the Sunlight Package. Unfortunately, the extra expense for the decor is not in our budget. Do you know if we could provide our own rose petals for our guests to toss for photos or if we are able to just pay for the rose petals only? There’s also a picture included in the Sea Breeze Point of four potted trees/plants. I don’t see those listed in any of the decor packages so I wasn’t sure if that was a separate expense?

    1. Yes to all questions! You can bring your own natural rose petals to toss (either fresh or freeze-dried—no silk), or you can buy just petals from Disney. They will charge you a per-person price for your total guest count, but sometimes you can save a few bucks by asking for, say, 15 guests’ worth of petals in a basket instead of 20. Those potted plants in the Sea Breeze Point photo are extra, and the cost varies depending on what you want in them (greenery is always cheaper!). Your Floral Coordinator can price out different options for you. You don’t have to buy a whole package of decor to get them. Another tip is to ask what they can do for $X amount. Like $35 each or $50 each or whatever…

  2. They’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of these – I just received my packet and the Cascading Beauty, Truly Tropical, Lilly, Spring, Summer, and Winter bouquets are no longer an option. Also color derivatives of the Garden Clutch and Azure bouquet aren’t an option just pink and light blue. There are two new ones, the Blush and Burgundy and In the Garden Bouquet. Personally I was so upset to find they got rid of the Cascading Beauty. When I asked they said any “custom” bouquets, such as the cascading beauty now, would be around $300.

    1. Yes! I have the packet and am working on updating this page with photos of the new options. That’s frustrating that they won’t let you use one of the old designs for the same price, though. They must have value-engineered the new ones to be cheaper to make or something.

        1. Yes, you can have the floral team get you a quote for the price of an upgrade, depending on what you want.

    1. It depends on what they are. Things like signs or toss petals are OK, but big decor pieces are prohibited outdoors and at the Wedding Pavilion. There’s a detailed breakdown on page 122 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide.

  3. Hello, I am getting married on April 23 in Jamaica. At the last minute I decided to purchase my own bouquet and bouteniere. I would like to inquire about the Azure Bouquet + Boutonniere and the Tropical Splendor Bouquet + Boutonniere. I will need two boutonniere and one matching wrist corsage.

    1. These photos are of bouquets made by Disney Floral for weddings at Walt Disney World. They are not available for shipping. However, you could submit these photos to your own florist as inspiration!

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