Disney Weddings Floral & Decor

Because wedding floral and decor is completely customizable, with almost endless options and numerous factors determining the costs, Disney can’t possibly list every single option. However, they have a Wedding Look Book with pricing on some of their most popular offerings.

Disney now contracts wedding floral and décor services through outside vendor Florida Fresh Floral. You will work with one of their representatives (who may have a Disney email address) to select the items you want and draft a Floral BEO. Anything booked via Florida Fresh Floral counts toward your Event Minimum.

Because there is no comprehensive catalog of options, couples usually provide their Florida Fresh Floral contact with photos of the overall or specific look they want, and he or she comes back with available options and pricing. Floral prices depend on the type of flowers and the time of year.

Using an outside floral and decor vendor will often save 50% or more on Florida Fresh Floral’s prices or provide much more bang for you buck.

  • You may use an outside florist for personal floral (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages—anything you wear or carry) no matter where your wedding and reception are held.
  • You may use an outside vendor for reception floral and decor (centerpieces, chairs, linens, dance floors, etc.) only in Disney’s ballrooms.

One strategy for containing costs is to provide Florida Fresh Floral with an overall idea of colors or flowers but set a budget for each item. For example, you can ask for a $250 bridal bouquet, $100 bridesmaids’ bouquets and $250 worth of aisle petals in, say, a mix of pinks and oranges or inspired by a particular photo. It helps if the type of flower is less important than the color, but you can always tell them if there are specific flowers you want or you want to avoid.

Another way to save is to reuse floral arrangements—either in the same or different containers—at all your events. For example, you could have centerpieces from your welcome dinner used as aisle decor at the Wedding Pavilion and again as centerpieces at your reception, as long as there is enough time between your ceremony and reception to move them. Florida Fresh Floral charges a nominal move fee that is usually far less than the cost of new floral arrangements.

You can also save on aisle petals by requesting $X worth of petals rather than taking the standard price Florids Fresh Floral puts in your BEO. Here are photos of petal coverage on the aisle at the Wedding Pavilion at various price points:

This image created by Flyboy Naturals shows you what various amounts of petals look like in one square foot. For reference, the aisle at the Wedding Pavilion is 7.5 feet wide by 54 feet from the door to the bottom step of the altar.

Here are some resources to help you begin planning….

Disney Wedding Podcast episodes:

Florida Fresh Floral’s Disney Wedding Look Book

This includes some pricing for floral, décor, and furniture.

Click here to download.

Standard Seating Options & Pricing

Disney’s standard (free) seating options vary by location. Certain venues, like The Attic and Tamu Tamu Courtyard, have existing non-standard seating. Below are the most common options found at resort and theme park venues.

Note: Although Disney generally sets black plastic chairs at outdoor evening events in the theme parks, you can request to use their white ceremony chairs instead.

Linens, Tables, Chairs, Chargers, Tableware + Décor

Florida Fresh Floral also provides specialty tables, chairs, linens and décor, plus flatware and chargers. You can see examples of some of these in their Wedding Look Book and on the website of their sister company, L+B Event Decor.

If you want to use chargers, Disney now requires you to rent these via Florida Fresh Floral at all venues. CLICK HERE to see examples of the types of chargers they can get.

This is Disney’s basic, free placesetting for a plated meal, with the various napkin folds you may choose.

This is Disney’s  basic, free placesetting for a buffet, shown with a fan napkin fold. Disney does not set plates.

Disney’s Aisle Runner Styles & Options

Click here to download.

Glow Table + Chair Color Options

DIY Projects: What You Can Provide and Where

See page 123 of Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

Artificial Bouquets for Disney Fine Art Photography

If you don’t want to pay to refresh your bridal bouquet for your pre-park-opening Premier Portrait Session via Disney Fine Art Photography, you may request that the photographer bring one of these artificial bouquets to use.