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  1. Hi Carrie!
    First, your venue photo gallery and entire blog are so incredibly helpful! My fiancé and I are planning a wishes wedding and are considering holding our reception at Italy Isola so that we can see fireworks without adding a fireworks dessert party. We’d like for a couple of our family members to be able to give speeches/toasts, but understand that amplification isn’t allowed in this location during park hours, and wondered if speeches can be heard with a group of 40-60 guests, with the ambient noise from park music and guests. Would you happen to know, or know of any couples who’ve attempted this?
    Thank you!! -Andrea

    1. Yes! Lots of couples do this for their receptions, and I’ve never heard of anyone running into problems with speeches being inaudible. I’ll bet they’d even set you up with a mic and speaker at a lower volume. The no-amplification rule is more about not blasting dance music while the park is still open to day guests.

    2. Hi Andrea,
      We actually had the exact situation happen to us at our Italy Isola reception. I thought that they’d give us a mic for speeches (understanding that we wouldn’t be able to project music, etc), especially as we had the whole Isola to ourselves. But we didn’t end up being able to use a mic at all, which made some our speeches hard to hear for tables in the back. I assumed we would have just been able to take our mics from the ceremony (also at Italy), but when I asked my planner on the day, she said no. So we had to kinda half-shout the speeches, unfortunately. So def ask your planner in advance!

    1. Hi Christine! Any sit-down meal at Disney is going to last at least 2 hours. And because the seating and buffet have to be set up during the ceremony, Disney will require you to use a separate venue for the ceremony. Some popular combinations would be Italy Courtyard for the ceremony and Italy Isola for the reception, or Japan/Morocco for the ceremony and Terrace des Fleurs for the reception. Basically, you can use any World Showcase venue for the ceremony, and then you can move to any indoor Epcot location OR any of the fireworks-viewing terraces around the lagoon for the reception. But you wouldn’t be able to have a reception in the main pavilion areas (Germany, Italy Courtyard, Morocco, etc.) following a morning wedding.

      1. Do you think they would allow a sit down breakfast at one of the dessert viewing areas during park hours? Like hypothetically following a 9am Epcot ceremony? No music or dancing just brunch?

      2. Hello Carrie! I just listened to your podcast for the first time! Absolutely loved it. My question is, if I plan on having my ceremony at oak manor then would I have to pay an additional fee for another venue for my reception?? I know that we would have to meet the food and beverage minimum like you stated but what about the additional venue?

        1. It depends on the venue. Ballrooms don’t have venue fees, but most in-park and special venues do. If you have my Fairytale Weddings Guide, it lists the food and beverage minimums and venue fees (if applicable) for every reception venue in Chapter 3.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    I downloaded your Fairytale Wedding guide and it has been very helpful to answer my questions! I do have a couple maybe you can answer? I am interested in having a Wishes reception with about 50-70 people. I was interested in American Rotunda but do you have to have a minimum of 85? If so, are there any other Epcot venues that would allow speeches/dancing/more traditional reception for that specific group size?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sam! First, I want to make sure you have the most recent version of my guide, since you mentioned Wishes, which has been discontinued. Your copy should have “v2” in the PDF name. If you don’t, you can download the latest one for free following these instructions. Epcot is firm on the 85-guest minimum for American Adventure Rotunda because it is not worth it to them to close the pavilion for a smaller group. Great Hall of China and Norway Loft are good alternatives in World Showcase. Otherwise, any of the indoor locations in Future World would work: Living Seas Salon, GM Conference Center and Spaceship Earth Lounge. If you started late enough, you could use the DVC Lounge in the Imagination Pavilion. You could also ask about the Odyssey and of course World Showplace, but they have less character and charm.

    1. So far I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s actually had one of these! Even Disney doesn’t have photos of one. You could watch the Magic Kingdom weddings on the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings TV show, but be aware that most of what you see is not actually available at real weddings.

  3. Do you have an overall price range of what these venues are before I look too deep into these options?

  4. In the guide they have Sago Cay Lawn as a reception venue for up to 250 guests but I don’t see it online. Is that still an option? How flat is the lawn?

    1. I included Sago Cay Lawn even though it is not commonly used, just so you would know all your options. There are many such sites that Disney doesn’t list on its website and you have to ask about. Mostly it is used by the couple and their photographers for fireworks photos (for free) rather than being rented for events.

    2. Hi Carrie, do you know if the United Kingdom terrace is a dessert party location? If so what’s the maximum number of guests allowed there and is there still a good view of the fireworks? I’ve seen in your guide about the lochside and pub side but didn’t know there was as terrace too!

      1. Hi Emily! Disney has stopped offering UK Terrace in recent years, so I took it out of my guide. It’s always worth asking your planner to see if you can get permission from the park to use it. I never thought it was the greatest location because there are permanent umbrellas on all the tables that make it hard to get good photos of you in front of the fireworks. It’s good to watch from because you can stand in front of the umbrella tables, though. When it was available, it had the same venue fee and food and beverage minimum as UK Lochside.

  5. Excellent guide! Downloaded your ebook and have pursuing it all day. I think I know the answer but I want to make sure. If I were to have the ceremony/reception at a Disney Neighbor hotel (Dolphin/Swan) can I still do the bridal attire (wedding gown) Portrait Photos in Magic Kingdom?

    1. So glad you’re enjoying the guide! Right now the policy is that you must have a Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings ceremony or reception to qualify for a bridal-attire portrait session inside Magic Kingdom. But all this could change when they start doing portrait sessions again.

  6. Hi Carrie, I just wanted to say how incredible your guide is and how much it has helped me with all the questions I have had! Me and my future husband love Seabreeze Point but are concerned about being rained out. How flexible is DFW when it comes to choosing a back up location and what would be your top recommendations for back up locations?

    1. Hi Hannah! I’m so glad you’ve found the guide helpful! Weather backup locations are assigned based on availability, but you can always put in a request. Usually for Sea Breeze Point they use Harbor Club Breezeway. They make the rain call several hours before your event so there’s time to set up everything at the backup location. If your event is during Hurricane Season, it usually only rains in the middle of the day, so a morning ceremony reduces the chances of a rain-out.

      1. Hi Carrie, that’s so helpful – thank you! We are actually hoping to have our reception at The Attic. Do you know if it’s possible to have this as your reception location and your backup ceremony location?

        1. Ah, so in that case Disney would probably say no. They won’t let you use the same space for a ceremony and a reception because they are still setting up the reception during the ceremony. But it never hurts to ask!

      2. Hi Carrie! Which other desert party locations would you recommend in Epcot other than the UK lochside? We would of gone with the UK lochside but it’s unavailable! We have rue de Paris at the moment, do you get a good view of the fireworks from that spot? Thankyou!

        1. Hi! Rue de Paris isn’t my favorite due to overhanging trees and its distance from the show. If you can score Italy Isola West (which is often unavailable due to its use as the queue for concerts at America Gardens Theater) go for it! Otherwise, I think I might take Germany over Rue de Paris. Or Terraces des Fleurs or Eau de France, if you can get one of them. If your group is 12 or fewer, you can request UK Pubside. And I always recommend checking back on the venue you really want as you get closer to the date. UK Lochside may be reserved as a placeholder by some big corporate event and get released about 30 days out.

  7. If you have your wedding reception as a brunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Magic Kingdom, can you wear your dress? I know formal wear isn’t typically allowed in the Magic Kingdom.

    1. When you plan a private event in any park via Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, you are allowed to wear bridal attire.

  8. Planning ahead for a vow renewal for 2022, and I have a couple questions. If we want to have a quick meal after and epcot ceremony, but not a full reception with dancing and speeches etc, are we bound to the per person reception price? Or can we say, pay for a breakfast/brunch buffet as long as we meet our $50/pp that comes along with celebrations? Does this exclude chairs for people to sit after getting food?

    1. Hi Gloria! This is explained on pages 6, 9 and 67 of your copy of the Fairytale Weddings Guide! The $50/person celebration does not include a full sit-down meal like a buffet. It would be a walkaround reception without 100% seating, so only some people would get a chair; others would have to stand at high-boy tables. (That said, there may actually be enough chairs for everyone, but Disney says that to make sure you know it’s not like a traditional reception where you have a place-setting for each guest.) But you can totally serve breakfast/brunch foods at your celebration!

  9. Hi, Carrie! I would love your thoughts on elopement in EPCOT… my partner and I want to get married on our Disney trip this coming April (my son and brother will also be with us). Any thoughts on a package/offer or a location? Something simple, late afternoon, early evening, before dinner and Illuminations.

    1. Hi Morgan! So the smallest event you’d be able to do if you want your ceremony in EPCOT would be the $7,000 Event Minimum, and you can use any of the countries around World Showcase. Usually these are held at 9am, but you might be able to have the ceremony after the park closes (and after your fireworks-viewing reception). Disney doesn’t offer late-afternoon or early-evening ceremonies inside the parks—they have to be when the park is closed. But it’s not really a big deal to have a gap between your ceremony and, say, a dessert party during the fireworks later. Lots of us do this! It gives you something to look forward to so that the whole day doesn’t end so early. If you have your heart set on going straight from the ceremony to the reception, you’ll need to have the ceremony at a resort venue like Sea Breeze Point. Also, everything is a la carte now, no matter how large or small your event. This episode and Chapter 1 of my guide will get you started! https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/how-to-have-a-small-disney-wedding/

      1. so if i wanted to have my reception at gm lounge in epcot and finish out the day with a dessert party in epcot my photographer and videographer will be good tp go.

        1. Yep! You will just need to hire $120 media guides (one for the photographer and one for the videographer), but it’s well worth it to have photos you love!

  10. Hi, Carrie,

    Is it possible to just have a ceremony and no reception after? And if possible what are the prices for that if you know?

  11. Hi Carrie,

    We are hoping to get married at Disney the week following Easter. We really like the Japanese Pavilion in Epcot for our ceremony. Do you have any recommendations for location for a brunch reception? We do not want to make our guests travel very far.

    1. Hi Lisa! So even if you do a reception location inside EPCOT, they will put your guests back on the bus to get them there—unless you just walked over to, say, France or Italy for an outdoor reception. If you’re OK with that, or you want to be indoors, Living Seas Salon and GM Lounge are very popular, though the latter requires permission from GM and they aren’t approving events there at the moment. You might also check out Spaceship Earth lounge. It’s not huge, but it has a great view into Future World during the day. If you’re OK to go further afield, The Attic at BoardWalk Inn is great for small groups and has amazing views, while Ariel’s is popular for larger groups (but only up to 50 guests).

  12. Hi, I wanted to ask can you re use your ceremony location for your reception if you have a cocktail/pre reception hour in another location? Also would you have to pay for the location twice?

    Just wanna say your e book is so helpful! I can’t talk to Disney yet cause my wedding date is farther than 16 months, but your e book/blog has been a big help in getting an idea of what it might cost!

    1. I’m not sure they would approve this because it takes longer than one hour to set up a reception, especially if you have a lot of tables and decor. If you had a smaller group and less to set up, they might. You would still need to pay any venue fee and meet the food and beverage minimum, plus pay the standard ceremony fee. I’m so glad you’re finding the guide helpful!

  13. Hi! Love all the content. I was wondering what is included with the train station minimum at Walt Disney World.
    What extras I need to consider?

    1. So if you have my Fairytale Weddings Guide, it lists everything that comes with the Train Station venue fee on page 62. You get a string trio and show transportation down Main Street, but you’d need to pay for any decor and real transportation to get guests into Magic Kingdom.

  14. Sorry if this is a silly question, but is it possible to have both the ceremony and reception in Pandora and would I have to pay the venu fee twice? Once for the ceremony part and once for the reception part?

    1. Not a silly question—some venue do let you do this, but Walt Disney World is not one of them. They need to be able to set up the reception venue while the ceremony is taking place, so they have you do them in two different locations. Now if you wanted your ceremony outside by the floating mountains and your reception inside at Satu’li Canteen, that would work because they would be setting up indoors. In that case, you would pay the Ceremony Fee for the ceremony site and meet the food and beverage minimums and pay the venue fee for the canteen.

  15. If a site is listed for a brunch/dinner reception, but not a pre-reception (ie Great Hall of China) would they still allow desserts and dancing for 2 hours plus after we had dinner outside at Italy Isola? Thanks!

    1. It doesn’t really matter what purposes Disney lists for each of their venues on their website—as long as you pay the venue fee and meet the food and beverage minimums, you can have whatever kind of event you want there! You would just need to meet the full $5,000 food and beverage minimum for Great Hall of China with whatever you have for dessert (and pay the $2,750 venue fee).

  16. If I want to have my ceremony at The Railroad Station at Magic Kingdom where would my reception be?
    I know you pay a ceremony fee but do you pay an additional free to have the reception somewhere else or is it just the plate fee per guest?

    1. Hi Candace! You can have your reception at any venue you choose! If you want to have it inside Magic Kingdom, the only one available in the morning is Tomorrowland Terrace. Some reception spots have venue fees you must pay in addition to meeting the food and beverage minimums, but ballrooms and certain special venues do not. If a location has a venue fee, it is noted in the description for that venue in Chapter 3 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide.

  17. Hi Carrie! Just purchased your e-book it is so great! We are planning our vow renewal for 2022. I really like the idea of having my ceremony at Luau Pointe then having a dessert party at Partisan Pointe. We are a very small group (15-18). If I’m understanding how the pricing works if I book on a Tuesday my venue is $2500 with a minimum expenditure of $5000. If I do not have a celebration then I can include my dessert party in my expenditure? So my venue fee at Partisan of $325 and the $972 for my food would count toward that $5000. I would owe the $10 pp viewing fee as well and if I want to add a mix-in that would also count? It’s a little overwhelming and your site and e-book are so helpful. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Veronica! I’m so glad you are enjoying the book! Yes, you have it: The costs of the dessert party will apply to your Minimum Expenditure as long as it’s the only catered event you’re doing that day. Everything you pay Disney for counts toward the Minimum Expenditure, including the ride mix-in fees and the viewing fees.

  18. Hi Carrie! I was just wondering can you get married in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot? I haven’t seen any pictures of a wedding there before. Also I love your podcast!

    1. Hi Catriona! They don’t use Norway because there really isn’t room for a ceremony setup and chairs there and, because Akershus opens so early for breakfast, you would have to have your ceremony at or before 6am to be out of the area in time for them to open to day guests. There is a reception space above Frozen Ever After, which you can see here.

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