California Grill – Contemporary Resort

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

6 thoughts on “California Grill – Contemporary Resort

  1. Hello! I love all the pictures you’ve provided, if we are looking to have a reception here, is there a reception fee for California Grill? Also what is the easiest/cheapest way to get guests from an Epcot wedding to the Contemporary?

    1. Hi! Disney doesn’t charge reception fees—you just have to meet the per-person food and beverage minimum, the venue-specific food and beverage minimum (concurrently) and Event Minimum (to which both apply). Certain venues also have a venue fee, but if you don’t see one listed in the venue description in the Fairytale Weddings Guide, that means there isn’t one! Unfortuntely, there is no cheap way to get guests from an EPCOT ceremony anywhere because Disney requires you to book a chartered motorcoach for a 5-hour minimum, regardless of group size, whenever you have a ceremony or a full reception inside a park. Pricing is in the chart on the Transportation chapter!

  2. Hi Carrie!

    With our own photographer, will our guests be able to use the terrace and viewing area for some pictures during a reception?

    1. Hi Lindsay! Yes, there are no restrictions on where non-Disney photographers can shoot at California Grill.

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