Canada Terrace – EPCOT

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

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  1. Is it possible to have a Vow Renewal with small guest list under 18 in the garden area/bridge of Canada instead of in front of the rocks/mountains?

    1. Hi Rachel! It’s always worth having your sales consultant ask about a venue in the park that you haven’t seen used yet. The trouble with that area is that there is no wide spot in the path big enough to accommodate a traditional ceremony setup, even with a small group. (They won’t let you set up on the grass.) If you want to be on the bridge with the officiant and have the gardens as your backdrop, you could try having guests sit facing you on either side of the bridge, so they’re looking at your profiles. But your photographers (and I definitely recommend 2 for this setup) will need to be contortionists to get head-on photos of you in closeup, since there’s a creek running where they’d need to stand. They could take long shots from the main path around the lagoon, and they might be allowed to step onto the grass behind you. It would be unconventional, but it could work if you can convince the park to let you try it!

  2. Hello! Do you know if they really abide by the minimum guest rule? If I want to hold a very small ceremony and reception with only 4-6 guests, will they really not accommodate that anywhere that says “10-?” guests?

    1. They do not. The minimum guest count is a holdover from an older pricing system, but I keep it in because it’s still listed in Disney’s venue guidelines. There is no minimum guest count as long as you meet the Event Minimum Expenditure and Food & Beverage Minimum Expenditure.

  3. Can the Canada terrace wedding venue location have a “celebration” walkaround event or does it have to be booked as a

    1. Nobody knows yet what it’ll be like with Harmonious, but Disney has not recommended it as a fireworks viewing spot in the past. You’d need to be standing at the very front of the pavilion just to catch glimpses of the high fireworks.

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