Clementine Lawn – Fort Wilderness

This venue is currently unavailable due to construction at Fort Wilderness.

8 thoughts on “Clementine Lawn – Fort Wilderness

  1. Looks wonderful, are you taking dates yet? Do you have a booklet on what your wedding venue entails? Also pricing packages?

  2. Is it known if this venue will be available again after the construction is completed? If so, when is that scheduled to be?

    1. It is unknown at this time, as is the duration of the construction, now that everything has ground to a halt at Disney. You can see a map of the planned construction HERE. It looks like there may be a small grassy area left on the water, but it will be surrounded by new paths and buildings, so it may not be private enough for a wedding.

  3. How many people are usually allowed on the Clementine lawn and how does catering work? We wanted to do a mad tea party theme

    1. There’s not really an upper guest limit because it’s so big. Catering would be provided by the Contemporary.

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