Eau de France (French Island Lower Terrace) — EPCOT

Although this venue is no longer available for events by itself, it may be used in conjunction with Terrace des Fleurs or Rue de Paris.

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

8 thoughts on “Eau de France (French Island Lower Terrace) — EPCOT

  1. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful resources! I’m only a week into my engagement, but right away we knew we wanted to consider a Disney wedding. I feel so overwhelmed, but your guide and podcasts have already become my Bible!!

    Anyway, we would love to surprise our guests with a ride mix-in, but some of our favorite venues so far are a finally at the resorts. If we did a dessert party for our rehearsal dinner, would that make us eligible to book a ride mix-in for that event? Or is it only possible for in-park ceremonies and receptions. Thank you!

    1. Congratulations on your engagement! Yes, any type of event inside a park qualifies you for a mix-in in that park. Happy planning!

  2. I am considering this location for a Sunday wedding. Where do people tend to hold their rehearsal ceremonies? I’d like to do mine on Friday, but I’d assume the actual location will have other events.

    1. You can hold a rehearsal for your EPCOT ceremony before the park opens to guests—you just pay an event guide fee because it’s inside the park. Alternatively, you can do your rehearsal in a ballroom at one of the convention centers or the Wedding Pavilion (if that’s where your ceremony is and it’s not being used for a wedding) for free! All this info and the event guide fee is on page 37 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide, if you have that!

  3. Hi these pictures look incredible!
    I think I’m gonna do this venue for my reception.
    Just bought your book and great job in that btw. It’s so helpful.
    I’m a bit confused.
    So is the reception during park hours drive you can see the fireworks?
    What’s a pre reception?
    Do you have to do food?

    1. If your reception times out with the start of the fireworks, yes, you can see them! A “pre-reception” is what Disney calls a cocktail hour. It’s only necessary if you need to entertain your guests before the reception because you’re of taking portraits together. If you do a first look before the ceremony, you can get all your portraits then and skip the pre-reception so you can stay with your guests. You don’t have to do food at a pre-reception, but it can be nice to give them something small to nibble on with their drinks. I just recommend keeping it light so they’re still hungry for dinner!

  4. Hello!
    Thank you for all your wonderful, organized tips and informations for Disney Weddings. I literally cannot find this anywhere else.
    I bought and read your guide and I’m wondering If I have my dinner reception in a ballroom but want a dessert party in epcot for harmonious, will the cost of the dessert party food count towards the $210/person dinner food/bev minimum? Or is it on top of the $210/person?


    1. Hi! Disney’s per-person food and beverage minimums apply to just the main catered event associated with your wedding—in your case, the reception. You have to meet them exclusively with the reception and pre-reception (if you have one). The good news is that there are no separate per-person food and beverage minimums for your dessert party because it is in addition to the reception. But you do need to meet any overall food and beverage minimum the dessert party venue might have. This is explained on page 185.

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