Expedition Everest Base Camp – Animal Kingdom

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

6 thoughts on “Expedition Everest Base Camp – Animal Kingdom

  1. Hi! I was wondering if there is a minimum number of guests to have at the Expedition Everest Base Camp? I see that there is a a minimum food and beverage and a bunch of other fees associated with this venue, but nothing about guest counts. Also, would we need to pay for lighting for the reception and the ceremony if we did it both at animal kingdom? If so, would it be 2 different charges for lighting, or 1 lump sum? Also, is the food limited to choices since it would be occurring 2 hours after the park closes?

    1. They don’t really enforce minimum guest counts because, if you are willing to meet the minimums, they will do an event for a group of any size. Only American Adventure Rotunda in Epcot has an enforced minimum guest count, and that’s set by the park team, not Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. Whether or not you need lighting depends on the venue. The bird show stage has built-in lighting available at no extra charge. But the park will require you to pay for lighting in places like Upcountry Walkway or the Tree of Life because they deem them too dim to be safe. So the number of charges depends on the number of venues you want to use that require extra lighting. Food choices don’t depend on whether or not the park is open because food is not supplied by the park’s food-service locations. It is prepared by the catering team, who can set up anywhere and at any time.

  2. Hi Carrie. Just curious with the time constraints in Animal Kingdom is it possible to have a ceremony at the Tree of Life and then a reception at Everest with a ride buyout? Trying to piece it together with the times seems difficult. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shawn! So it is a little tricky because Tree of Life Ceremonies must start 2 hours after the park closes (or 2 hours before park opening) but outdoor events are only allowed to last until 3 am. With AK staying open until 10 pm on some nights now, this greatly reduces the length of your event. You’d need to pick a night when Animal Kingdom closes earlier OR you could do like one recent couple and hold your ceremony and reception on different days. If AK closed at 8 pm, you could start your ceremony at 10 pm and then have your reception from 11 pm to 3 am.

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