Grand Floridian Convention Center Ballrooms

Complete details on these venues, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

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  1. Hi Carrie! Is there a time limit for the reception here? It says online most receptions are 3 hours but I was planning on 4-5 hours 🙂

    1. Not sure where you’re seeing that, because Disney’s standard length for receptions is 4 hours for brunch and 5 hours for lunch and dinner. The first hour is considered the cocktail hour/pre-reception, unless you tell them otherwise. This info, plus details on extending the reception, can be found on page 69 of Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide!

  2. Hi Carrie!
    Do you happen to know how much those wall curtains (first set of pictures) cost if provided by Disney?

    1. Disney’s pipe and drape pricing varies by venue, but it’s usually about $1,000 per wall. By contrast, an outside vendor will charge you about half, and you can use outside vendors in ballrooms!

        1. The complete list is on page 123 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide. You have to go through Disney for food and cake, as well as any décor you want attached to the ceiling or walls. Otherwise, pretty much anything else can be DIY or provided by outside vendors in a ballroom.

      1. Do you have images of this ballroom? Getting married on 12-9-22. 150 out of 300 confirmed. I wasn’t given an option of what I wanted. So far it says 6-9 and I’m not loving this space tbh. Very worried 🙁

        1. All of the images are on this page—you just have to click the tabs for each of the various ballrooms across the top of the page. American Adventure Rotunda and Great Hall of China are great in-park venues for large groups. Otherwise, check out the Yacht Club Convention Center for a more recently renovated look. I have photos of all these spaces on this site.

  3. Hi Carrie! How updated is the information in the fairytale wedding guide? When I went to the open house in December, a staff member told me there is no longer minimums.

    1. Hi Ashley! The guide was updated 8 days ago. There are still multiple sets of minimums: The overall Event Minimum, the per-person food and beverage minimum, and the venue-specific food and beverage minimums. You can also view these on Disney’s own website, if you need confirmation!

  4. Hi Carrie,

    Your guide is a lifesaver! We have been offered the Key West Room for our very small cake/champagne celebration. Do you know what the windows in the room face?

  5. Hi Carrie! We have a party of 27 including ourselves and 5 children. Im wondering if you think the Grand Floridian ballroom would be too large for a group that size? We would like 1 large feasting table for us all to have our sit down meal at but really wouldnt want the room to look too empty in a large space!

    1. Hi Laura! The Grand Floridian ballroom can be partitioned into smaller sections. If you click the tabs for Salon 6 and Salon 3 on this page, you can see what smaller sections look like.

  6. Hi Carrie! I know you can have a dancefloor brought into the Ballrooms at the Grand at no charge, but will Disney allow you to use a custom monogram vinyl wrap on their standard dancefloor? Or would I just have to use an outside vendor for a custom wrapped dancefloor?

    1. I’m pretty sure that to do a custom wrap on their dance floor, you’d need to buy it from them. Or, as you said, use an outside vendor for the whole shebang, dance floor + wrap.

  7. Hey Carrie. Do you know if we are allowed to decorate the Key West Room with pipe and drape and if there is a maximum party requirement for this room?

    1. Hi! The Key West room holds a max of 20 for a sit-down meal. You should be able to drape any room in the convention center. Just know that this room is *very* small, so it will feel even smaller with draping.

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