Grand Terrace — Grand Floridian

8 thoughts on “Grand Terrace — Grand Floridian

    1. Grand Terrace is located on the second floor of the main lobby at the Grand Floridian, next to Enchanted Rose. It was formerly called Commander’s Terrace and used for small cake and Champagne receptions. So far I’ve never seen it used for a ceremony, and even getting it for cake and Champagne these days seems difficult, but it never hurts to ask!

    1. Unlikely. It’s difficult for DFTW to even get approval to use it for a cake and Champagne reception. Also, you can’t see any fireworks from there. I’d recommend Sago Cay Pointe as an alternative!

        1. The only food and beverage minimum you have to meet is the $50/person triggered by adding a celebration. And resort venues do not have venue fees.

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