Harambe Street – Animal Kingdom

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.



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  1. Hi, in your guidebook it lists a starting price for DJ as $6,500 + the possibility of additional lighting. I listened to your podcase (Episode caravan stage was first used and reception on Harambe st near lion king) and she mentioned not needing additional lighting, not paying extra for the DJ. Is Harambe essentially split in portions where some parts require additional lighting/fees and others don’t? A little confused..

    1. That $6,500 DJ price listed in my book is in the section on Expedition Everest Base Camp, which is a totally different location than Harambe Theater District, on the other side of the park. Every location has different requirements and pricing because the existing lighting and power drops vary. Harambe Theater District has way more existing lighting than Everest Base Camp, Upcountry Overlook or Tree of Life, for example. So what you pay will vary depending on what location you use. Your sales consultant can help you find a venue in Animal Kingdom that doesn’t require these extras if that is a concern.

    2. Hi Carrie,

      Are you guaranteed a rain back up that is in Animal Kingdom if you choose Animal Kingdom locations?

      I saw one bride get moved to Tusker house, but I was thinking about the wedding from above. With her guest count and the fact that part of the wedding seemed to take place during park hours, it got me thinking if Disney always finds an Animal Kingdom back up for your group and what those options might look like if restaurants such as Tusker House or some of the quick service locations are still open during your event time and couldn’t be used.

      1. Yes, they have to move you to a place in the park you paid for because of the way billing and setup work. But it depends on your group size and what’s available at the time. Dinosaur Lounge is the go-to backup while the park is open.

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