Italy Isola – EPCOT

Click here to see views of Harmonious from this venue.

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

10 thoughts on “Italy Isola – EPCOT

  1. Hi Carrie!

    I see that in the daytime reception they had glassware. Is there a rule about unbreakable in Outside Locations? Would these glassware be plastic? Does it have to be rented? Hoping to have glassware on table to complete the look I am going for! Thank you!!!!! Ps has anyone told you lately that you are amazing? ‘Cuz you are 😀

    1. Hi Danielle! So the rule now is that even daytime receptions outdoors require unbreakable (e.g., plastic) cups, but they have some that look like real glassware (check out this wedding). The one exception is if you have toasting flutes—those can be glass. I would see if your floral planner can help you with unbreakable options that go with your look.

    2. I understand that amplified music is not allowed at the outside reception venues in Epcot. Would this rule ban a Jazz Trio (or Quartet) without an amplifier? We would like to have soft dinner jazz music for traditional/customary dances and in the background during dinner. Thanks in advance!

      1. You can have amplified music outdoors at EPCOT during any portion of your reception that occurs after the park is clear. But the jazz trio/quartet would be a great choice during dinner while the park is still open because they don’t need to be amplified!

    1. There are no standard rain backup locations for any venues (see page 185 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide). They are assigned a few weeks out based on availability. You can put in a request for a sepcific venue, but they can’t guarantee you’ll get that one. Usually for a big group at Italy Isola they use Great Hall of China, but it really depends on what’s available. You might end up in World Showplace.

  2. Hi Carrie! I want to have a pre-reception cocktail hour there with a Harmonious viewing after the ceremony – I understand there won’t be a $5000 food & Bev minimum there since I’m having a DFTW, but will I still have to pay the additional venue fee for Italy Isola?

      1. It varies, but generally people like to time it out so that cocktail hour coincides with fireworks and dinner starts as or after the park closes.

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