Marina Patio & Terrace – Grand Floridian

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

15 thoughts on “Marina Patio & Terrace – Grand Floridian

  1. Hello. So if guests were to come to a dessert party here (or at any resort) would they be able to park for free?

    1. Yes! The new parking fees at the resorts are only for overnight parking (i.e., people staying in the hotel). There is no parking fee for what they call “day guests” who are dining, shopping or attending an event at the resort.

  2. Hello! Is this venue available for the $5,000 event minimum? Also wondering if you would have to have a dessert party at this venue if you rented it for the ceremony, or if you would be able to have the dessert party elsewhere. Thank you in advance!

    1. Yes! You’ll see it listed on page 7 of Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide in that box! The only way you wouldn’t be able to use this venue for a ceremony and a dessert party is if you picked the 7:30pm ceremony slot, since that would not give Disney enough time to strike your ceremony setup and set up your dessert party.

  3. Is Disney flexible with ceremony times? My fiancé and I are looking to have a ceremony somewhere at the Grand Floridian at 11 AM instead of 12PM. We weren’t sure if this was possible.

    1. Unfortunately they are not. Moving your ceremony time up by an hour would affect all the other ceremonies at the GF that day. Is there a reason you prefer 11am? Maybe I can think of another way to approach the schedule!

  4. Hi there – In accordance with your 12/7 reply, regarding the inability to have both ceremony and dessert party at the marina terrace, does Disney charge you twice if you were to use Conch Key for your ceremony and then the Marina for your Dessert Party? I am a DCL vow renewal bride, in October, waiting for August to roll around. If we cannot sail, I am going to have to make our renewal at the resort and just weighing out my options within budget. I down loaded the guide and what an amazing resource and help!

    1. Hi! There are no venue fees for either of those locations, so you don’t have to worry about being charged twice. You do have to pay the Ceremony Fee for Conch Key and meet the food and beverage minimum for the Marina, but everything you pay Disney for at both events would count toward the overall Event Minimum.

  5. Do you have to pay the $2,500 food and beverage minimum for a cake and champagne celebration here or can you just pay the $50 per person cake and champagne celebration fee so if you had 10 guests it would only cost $500?

    1. You must meet the venue’s food and beverage minimum ($2,500 for a walkaround event) and Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings celebration per-person minimum ($50) concurrently to use this space. This is explained on page 67 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide. There are other venues with lower (or no) food and beverage minimums though!

  6. Hi Carrie! So, if I am thinking of doing a 5pm ceremony at the WP then dinner reception to follow at Sago Cay will I still be able to see the fireworks with my guests? Or does it specifically have to be a “dessert party” to be able to see the fireworks with your guests?

    Thank you!

    1. The fireworks happen no matter what type of event you’re having! As long as you will be at the venue when the show starts, you’ll see them.

  7. Hi Carrie! We are getting married here in October. Do you know if GF would be willing to move the boats out of the background?

    1. They will not. It also states in the venue description that ther will be noise from the boats during your ceremony. But I’ve never heard anyone complain about it!

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