Mexico Vista – EPCOT

Click here to see views of Harmonious from this venue.

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

3 thoughts on “Mexico Vista – EPCOT

  1. Hi there! I had a quick question. What is the pricing for the Mexico Vista? I just downloaded the updated book, and was having trouble finding the pricing and the food and beverage minimum for this venue. Or what page is it on, since I could be over looking it. Also has Disney ever allowed a reception inside of the San Angel Inn Restaurant? Or inside of Mexico? I will be contacting them about booking a wedding once they open back up, but I absolutely love your guide and have been reading and planning since my engagement in February!

    1. Hi Rachel! So the pricing is on page 187, in the Dessert Parties section of Chapter 10: Additional Events. If you use the search function of your PDF reader, it will take you directly to the venue/term you’re looking for! Unfortunately, Disney can’t do catered events inside the Mexico Pavilion—there’s just not enough space, even for a tiny group (and the restaurants are all operated by an outside vendor). We tried to do a 5-person anniversary party there, and the best EPCOT could offer was a wide spot in the path near the souvenir stand just past La Hacienda de San Angel Inn as you head to Norway. They wouldn’t even let us use the character meet-and-greet spot outside!

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