Napa Room at California Grill

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

10 thoughts on “Napa Room at California Grill

  1. Has anyone ever got married outside of Napa room overlooking the magic kingdom?! My wedding at Disney is planned for November and we are thinking of postponing to March because we have a lot of people traveling. We were thinking of just doing a small ceremony for us and our parents and we would love to have the view over magic kingdom!

    1. The catwalk is not available to reserve for events. You could reserve the restaurant or either of its private rooms by meeting the food and beverage minimums. They might let you do a ceremony in one and a reception in the other. You could also use Top of the World Lounge for a reception and request approval to use the outdoor patio there for the ceremony and see what they say. But it is very sunny and very windy—not ideal conditions for a ceremony. Another idea would be to have them request permission from the Contemporary to use the 4th floor balcony that overlooks Magic Kingdom. Lots of people love the Wedding Pavilion because you can see the castle in its magnifying window behind the altar. You can also see the castle in the distance from Luau Beach and the three venues at the Grand Floridian Marina.

  2. Hi! I bought your book and it has been great help! Are we able to have cake and champagne celebrations, with additional foods like appetizers, in the restaurants, like California Grill? Or must they be an actual meal?

    1. You can have your cake and Champagne celebration anywhere you would normally do a reception, as long as you meet the food and beverage minimum for that venue. So for California Grill’s main dining room, you would need to spend at least $4,000 on food and beverages for your 2-hour event (and cake wouldn’t count toward that unless the Contemporary makes it). And because it’s California Grill, you’d have to pick those appetizers from their menus.

  3. Can the Happily Ever After music be piped into the Napa Room or other indoor venues around Seven Seas Lagoon?

    1. It is piped into the Napa Room already, but most of your guests will probably want to be out on the catwalk watching the show instead of behind glass and set way back from the balcony (and they play the music out there too!). None of the other indoor event venues around Seven Seas Lagoon have views of the show, but you can pay to have the music piped in at Sago Cay and on the Whitehall Room’s patio. The Marina has built-in speakers that play it.

    1. From the Napa Room, yes. From the Sonoma Room you can’t see Magic Kingdom at all; it faces Bay Lake. But there are catwalks accessible to guests in both rooms that allow views of the fireworks.

  4. Hi, Carrie: How much capacity is reduced for a sit-down reception in this room if adding a dance floor?

    1. Hi! You’d only be able to seat about 40 people. Usually what they do is have the dancing across the hall in the Sonoma Room, but that means you have to meet its food and beverage minimum too.

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