Oak Manor Lawn – Port Orleans Riverside

10 thoughts on “Oak Manor Lawn – Port Orleans Riverside

    1. No. The weather backup is the Wedding Pavilion, which is why Oak Manor Lawn has the Wedding Pavilion ceremony fee instead of a resort ceremony fee.

    1. Any of the usual reception locations! Unfortunately, there isn’t a catered event venue at Port Orleans Riverside, but Epcot isn’t too far away…

  1. What is the standard seating type for outside venues? I see something mentioning plastic lawn chairs but im not sure what exactly that would look like?

        1. Far—you’d need to walk across one of the bridges over the river to get to the lobby/restaurant complex. Or drive around the bend back to the lobby.

        2. I’m concerned about transportation….can you roll up in a vintage car to the altar or does it have to be a horse and buggy? I wonder what options there are for the grand entrance.

          1. The only access to this venue is a walking path along the river, so only horse-drawn transportation is available. You could ride in a vintage car to the resort, but you’d have to be dropped off in the guest parking lot behind the building, where your guests wouldn’t see you.

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