Sago Cay Pointe – Grand Floridian

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

10 thoughts on “Sago Cay Pointe – Grand Floridian

  1. I am trying to find a place for a Mexican style themed rehearsal dinner/welcome party. Do you think this venue would work for that instead of doing a dessert party and still including the fireworks?

    1. You can have any kind of event you want at any location Disney offers. It doesn’t have to be a dessert party. It can be a full reception, serving any style of food you want. This location would work, but you could also use the Mexico Vista fireworks viewing location inside Epcot if you did want fireworks. (Though, technically, it’s right next to the entrance to World Showcase, so it doesn’t really have Mexican theming). You could also inquire about doing an event on the exterior promenade at the Mexico Pavilion if you want the theming. You could even have Three Caballeros Donald do a meet and greet! You would just need to start VERY late (after 11:30pm).

      1. Oh awesome. I didn’t realize the outside of the pavilion would be an option. Have you heard of anyone doing an event inside the Mexican pavilion itself?

        1. The park doesn’t allow events inside the Mexico pavilion and, it turns out, even the promenade around the entrance isn’t considered a viable venue (I just tried to set something up there a couple days ago). The best they can do is the main walkway at the base of the pavilion, with its breathtaking view of the side of Hacienda de San Angel…

  2. Do you think disney would ever let a ceremony happen on sago cay lawn since sago cay point is available?

    1. It’s available for receptions (see page 82) so I don’t see why not. You will be directly in front of guest rooms, with the monorail and the new walkway to Magic Kingdom right there, but if those don’t bother you, it’s always worth asking about!

  3. Can you see fireworks well from here for a dessert party? Is there room for dancing? Can you pipe in your own music here?

    1. If you click on the FIREWORKS PORTRAITS tab on this page, you can see there is an excellent view of the fireworks from Sago Cay. There is no room for dancing. You can pay to have them play music. All this info is covered on pages 79-80 and 195 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide.

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