Satu’li Canteen – Animal Kingdom

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

2 thoughts on “Satu’li Canteen – Animal Kingdom

  1. Hello! I first want to thank you for this helpful guide. I do have a quick question, do you think this could be used as a venue for a Farewell Lunch? My fiancée and I love this restaurant and we really wanted to incorporate it into our wedding. Would I set this up through my wedding consultant or the restaurant itself? Thank you again!

    1. Hi! So in park venues like this one can only be used before or after park hours. You could do a reeeeally early Farewell Breakfast here! But it would have to start around 6:30am. Or you could do a late-night event here after the park closed, like maybe an after-party for your wedding!

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