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Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

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  1. If after a ceremony at sea breeze point we do a cocktail hour at AbacadaBar, is the 30 capacity a hard limit? I see in pictures there is an outdoor seating area too, would it be possible to take up all of that space and have people move in and out? Or is the bar still open to the public during that time which is why it is limited to 30? Thank you for your help! I tried my best to find info online or in the book, but I know you have all the expertise!

    1. Hi Madison! 30 is the limit indoors. You’d need to ask your sales consultant if they will let you use the outdoor area—it may not be possible to prevent day guests from sitting there, or maybe they’ll say they can cordon it off with a plant wall or something. The bar is only available for private events before it opens to the public at 4pm, which means you will have it all to yourself. It’s just small, so the capacity is limited. I added Abracadabar info to the latest version of the guide. If you haven’t gotten your free eBook update yet, the instructions are here!

  2. Hi Carrie! I was wondering if you knew how the bride gets to sea breeze point from the lobby of the Boardwalk if we do not use the vintage car. The car we wanted was booked and we are just not super thrilled with the other options. But I’m nervous to walk from the lobby in my gown and look like a sweaty mess for the November Ceremony

    1. I know what you mean about being a sweaty mess. It is a loooooong hike! Unfortunately, walking is the main alternative to driving. You can ask the hotel staff if they can try to dig up a Club Car/golf cart for you, but these are NOT guaranteed to be available and they’re usually pretty stingy with them. I suppose you could rent a Surrey bike on the BoardWalk and have a friend/family member pedal you down there!

      1. Hello Carrie! If we end up staying somewhere other than the Boardwalk, do you have any budget-friendly or general suggestions on transportation from Hotel to Sea Breeze Point? We have a few people with asthma in our party, and I want to make sure they enjoy their day.

        1. Well, even if you all do stay at BoardWalk Inn, you’ll still have to walk down to Sea Breeze Point. The only vehicular traffic allowed on the BoardWalk is surrey bikes and any specialty transportation you hire (like a vintage car or a carriage). You could put those guests in it with you, though. It would be nice if you could prearrange a club car/golf cart, but the resorts won’t do it. Sometimes a friendly cast member will take pity on you and get you one, but DFTW discourages reliance on that. If you stay elsewhere and need to get guests to the BoardWalk, my top tip is using one-way vans — if you have about 35 or fewer guests. If you have more guests than that, a chartered motorcoach can pick them all up at their various Disney resorts and bring them to the lobby of the BoardWalk, but the 5-hour minimum makes it pricey.

          1. Guests can also stay at either Pop Century, Art of Animation or Caribbean Beach and take the Skyway from those resorts to the International Gateway for EPCOT and walk to Sea Breeze Point. It’s about a 5-10 minute stroll, depending on how fast you walk.

          2. Yes, this is a great newer option! You would just need to make sure your BEO notes that X guests will not be meeting in the BoardWalk Lobby (the traditional staging area for Sea Breeze Point) so that those who do aren’t held back waiting for them to show up.

          3. This is in reference to the types of transportation offered by Disney (Uber can’t go backstage at the parks, so you have to get your transport through Disney for that). Van is the type and one-way is the kind of trip. You can see a chart of all the different vehicle types and costs of various kinds of trips on page 147 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide!

      2. What about being ubered or paying for parking at Hollywood Studios – getting dropped off at the guest drop off location and then taking the boat to the Boardwalk . It docks right near the Gazebo and would be a fun entrance for guests as well as a sweet little tour . You do not have to purchase a park admission to get to the boat launch .

        1. I love the Friendship boats, but DFTW is usally set against using any of Disney’s “public” transportation for wedding-day events, due to its unreliablility and how long it takes. So this may be a tough sell to her planner!

    1. Unfortunately, no. You can see the high ones from Yacht Club Marina, BoardWalk boat dock and in front of Atlantic Dance Hall.

  3. Hi Carrie!
    I was wondering can you have the ceremony here and the reception but want a dessert party in Epcot will there be an issue with the venues and pricing? Also are there military discounts?

    1. Hi Jennifer! You can’t have the ceremony and follow it directly with a full reception at the same venue because Disney sets up the reception while you are having the ceremony. You could do a ceremony and cake-cutting celebration both at Sea Breeze Point. What sort of issue are you concerned about with the venues and pricing? Unfortunately, Disney does not offer a military discount on weddings.

        1. With 60 people, the only close indoor space is Atlantic Dance Hall, but it would be great with a group that size. Otherwise you may need to do a ballroom at Yacht & Beach Club or BoardWalk Inn if you want to be indoors. The St. James Room at BWI is nice because it has a private patio, so it’s less ballroom-y. If you’re OK outdoors, the Croquet Lawn and Poolside Green at BoardWalk Inn are lovely. And if you’re willing to pay for transportation into EPCOT, that opens up a host of other possibilities!

      1. Hey Carrie! I just saw this comment regarding having a ceremony followed by a reception at Sea Breeze Point. If we had the ceremony at 9:30 am and wanted to do a brunch reception, is there any option to do so? Could guests walk around the Boardwalk while Disney sets up for the reception?

  4. Does Sea Breeze Point allow music to be played through speakers for ceremonies, or do they only allow live musicians? I have a specific song I want to walk down the aisle to, and I want to have the actual song play rather than an instrumental version of it. I’m hoping this is possible here. 🙂

  5. We are wanting to do our ceremony at Sea Breeze Point… I’m wondering is there a small area near by to do a cake cutting? We are having a small group. (35-40 people) and don’t want a full reception. I read somewhere about doing it on one of the lawns but can’t find where I read it.

  6. Have you heard anything about having the reception at Sea Breeze? Just wanted more ideas and to know what will happen. I’m getting married in front of the Tree of Life and having my reception at Sea Breeze this October.

    1. Hi Shelby! I have info on Sea Breeze Point receptions in my guide on page 82. You don’t see many receptions there, but it’s a lovely spot for one, and I can’t wait to see yours! You’ll need an event guide to escort everyone there from the lobby of the BoardWalk Inn. It is a pretty public space, but your event guide will make sure no one wanders up to your group or anything.

  7. Hi Carrie! If we get married at Sea Breeze Point and choose to have a Cake and Champagne Celebration following instead of a reception, do we have to meet the food and beverage minimum for Sea Breeze Point or just the $50/person minimum for the celebration?

    1. Hi! They are enforcing the venue-specific food and beverage minimum now with the new pricing structure, even if your ceremony is also there. But, depending on how elaborate your cake is, that’s $500—$800 right there!

      1. Hello Carrie,

        I was thinking about having my ceremony at Sea Breeze Point and a brunch/lunch reception for 15ish people.
        Have you heard of that being done before and is transportation between the two hard to manage?

  8. Hi, Carrie! Quick question. I know that in lieu of a reception I can host a dessert party, and extend it to 2 hours. There I can do the cake cutting, as to allow for my dessert party to count toward my event minimum. Do you know if we could just have a toast at the ceremony venue following the nuptials? I was hoping to extend the time beyond 15-20 min. I thought this would be a nice touch but wasn’t sure if they would then no longer count the DP toward the minimum. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, if you add any kind of food or beverages to the ceremony, they will book it as a celebration, which will then count toward the Event Minimum and exclude the dessert party from counting. Maybe you and your guests could walk over to one of the resort bars and do a toast!

  9. Hi, Carrie! Sorry, yet another question for you. Now my relative is wondering something else … NOW she is thinking about having the wedding ceremony at Sago Cay and having a celebration at Sea Breeze Point. From what I can tell, unless I missed a completely different section, it appears there is NO venue fee for SBP as a celebration venue; just a food and beverage minimum. (I know “reception” ballrooms don’t have a venue fee, but couldn’t see a venue fee for SBP.) Is that accurate?? Or would she have to pay SBP’s Ceremony Venue Fee to have a celebration at SBP?

    1. Hi! If you don’t see a venue fee listed in the venue’s description in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide, it means there isn’t one. Usually only in-park venues have venue fees. Sea Breeze Point does not have a venue fee.

  10. Hi! For a wedding in February 2025 we have two young children so I want a daytime wedding so thinking brunch. We were thinking Seabreeze point but then not sure where to have the brunch, We want indoors and only have about 20-30 people max.

    1. Hi! The Attic is my favorite location for a group that size! It is within walking distance of Sea Breeze Pointe and has indoor and covered outdoor spaces, with a breathtaking view of Crescent Lake. Another option would be Ariel’s, which is just around the corner from Sea Breeze Pointe at the Beach Club.

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