Storybook Circus – Magic Kingdom

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

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  1. Hi Carrie, I’m really confused. I have the guide, but I can’t find the info I’m looking for. I want to have an after hours wedding at MK and I know the ceremony fee and minimum are in the book but what about for after hours receptions? how does that work. I can’t seem to find info about that in the book, am I missing it? Also, in the budget worksheet when it says to enter the ceremony venue fee on page 242, am I supposed to put just the venue fee or the event minimum?, because the number that I put there automatically gets put as the event minimum on page 246. I am kind of struggling to use the guide tbh.

    1. Hi Liv! If you’re doing an After Hours ceremony in MK immediately followed by an MK reception, the minimums are the ones listed on page 8. If you’re doing the ceremony elsewhere and just want to have an After Hours reception in MK, your Event Minimum would be determined by the ceremony venue you choose. Then you would just need to pay the venue fee and meet the food and beverage minimum for the venue you want; these are listed on page 97 of the guide.

      You don’t enter the Event Minimum anywhere in the worksheet; the worksheet shows your total progress toward it in the Event Minimum total box on page 246. The reason the Ceremony Venue Fee you enter on page 242 appears in the Event Minimum total on page 246 is that the Ceremony Venue Fee counts toward the Event Minimum. As you add other prices to the budget worksheet, these will be added to the Ceremony Venue Fee and totalled up in the Event Minimum total on page 246 (if they count toward the Event Minimum). Feel free to message me on Facebook if you still have questions! I also offer phone consulations, if that’s easier for you:

      1. Thank you for the reply and info Carrie, but I’m still confused. What if I want the reception venue to be a different location than the 3 listed in the book but still in MK? Is that not allowed? I know I have seen pics of receptions in the back of the castle, is that not available anymore? Are the only locations they can do in MK those 3? Or is it one of those things where I would just have to ask my consultant when I book with them and they will ask the MK team for permission, etc. etc? I’m nowhere near the 12 month mark so I can’t really do that yet, just trying to figure out what’s possible and an approximate cost. (I know it will go up a lot between now and then, but I want at least a ballpark if possible.)

        1. If you want a different venue than the standard ones, your sales consultant has to ask the park for permission. The standard ones are generally the only places the park feels comfortable hosting a catered event, but it’s always worth asking. The back of the castle seems doable if your group is small enough, but, again, only the park team can say for sure. Also, they usually can’t give you a definite answer until a few months out, so it can be kind of nervewracking waiting to see if you’ll get approval.

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