Tree of Life – Animal Kingdom

Complete details on this venue, including pricing and capacity, may be found in Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

8 thoughts on “Tree of Life – Animal Kingdom

    1. It’s the same $4,500 you pay for any in-park ceremony venue (except those at Magic Kingdom). However, they will also tell you you have to have a lighting package that costs $15,000.

      1. I’ve read elsewhere that the lighting package is $5,000. Just wondering if this is a typo, or if the lighting price has gone up?

        1. Originally they were telling folks $5,000. Now they are saying $15,000. IMO, this may just be a tactic by the park to discourage couples from using the venue. If you are interested, have your sales consultant or planner contact the park for a real price and see if you can negotiate it down by asking to light less of the space.

          1. That’s disappointing. I’ve had my heart set on this venue since it was added as an option. The $5,000 I could have worked with, but $15,000 is a different story.

          2. That’s why I’m saying talk to them about it. The fee seems really arbitrary. Maybe $15,000 is what it takes to get it to look like it did on the Freeform weddings special, but $5,000 is a more basic package that you’d be happy with. Definitely don’t rule it out until your sales consultant has actually talked to the park at least once. Sometimes you need to go back and forth a bit to negotiate pricing, too.

  1. Do you know if this location can be used for a reception, rehearsal dinner, cocktail party or dessert party? Or is it only for Ceremonies?

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