United Kingdom Courtyard – EPCOT

6 thoughts on “United Kingdom Courtyard – EPCOT

    1. Do you know how much the flowers and decor costs in the first few images of the U.K. courtyard ceremony?

      1. Unfortunately, even the bride and groom don’t know how much those cost because they were all paid for by the production team for the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings TV show! You can see the price of the table runner in the Floral & Decor Sales Sheet you can download from this page. The page also has a link to download the Specialty Seating Options & Prices sheet that will tell you the pricing for the chairs and sofas they used!

    1. If you want the reception set up like it was on the TV show, the max is pretty small—they only had 20. You might be able to fit a couple more rounds of 10 in there, so I’d guesstimate 50 max (Disney doesn’t provide a standard reception capacity for this location). If you’re OK with spilling out onto the main walkway, you could accommodate more people.

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