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      1. What times are you able to have a reception here? Is it only before or after park close?

    1. Do you know how much the flowers and decor costs in the first few images of the U.K. courtyard ceremony?

      1. Unfortunately, even the bride and groom don’t know how much those cost because they were all paid for by the production team for the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings TV show! You can see the price of the table runner in the Floral & Decor Sales Sheet you can download from this page. The page also has a link to download the Specialty Seating Options & Prices sheet that will tell you the pricing for the chairs and sofas they used!

    1. If you want the reception set up like it was on the TV show, the max is pretty small—they only had 20. You might be able to fit a couple more rounds of 10 in there, so I’d guesstimate 50 max (Disney doesn’t provide a standard reception capacity for this location). If you’re OK with spilling out onto the main walkway, you could accommodate more people.

        1. The cost of your reception is determined by the ceremony venue you choose and whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner. You can see these prices on pp. 7-9 of the Fairytale Weddings Guide!

          1. yes, thank you! I downloaded the guide. I just didn’t know if it was possible to have the courtyard for a reception as well as the ceremony like in the show? and if you knew the cost?

          2. Hi Katherine! The show was filmed on two different days. In reality, there is no way to have your ceremony and reception there contiguously because there is no time for them to set up the reception if you also do your ceremony in the same pavilion. The cost is based on your ceremony venue, so if that’s UK Courtyard, you have a $7,000—$17,000 Event Minimum. Otherwise, if you just want to do a UK reception, it’s whatever Event Minimum is associated with the ceremony venue you use.

  1. Hi Carrie! I was wondering If you have a podcast of any couples who have ever done an after hours dinner and dance reception at UK ? If not UK then any other area in Epcot? I am really thinking about it doing it UK but worried it’s all a bit late for guests and they won’t be hungry. Also our wedding would feel over so quickly. Wondering if anyone else has ever had the experience of something like this?

  2. How does holding a ceremony and small celebration reception work here? Can it be done right after the ceremony or does the reception have to be a different time?

    1. You could do this if your ceremony started early enough that your celebration would end by 10:30 am, or if you did the ceremony and celebration after park hours!

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