2018 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Bridal Showcase

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings held its first Bridal Showcase in three years on February 3, 2018. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I was not able to attend because we were celebrating our 10th anniversary at Disneyland Paris. However, my pals Jonni and Taz kindly went in my stead and took TONS of photos for me to show you!

This year’s bridal showcase was held at the Contemporary Convention Center, with a special open house at the Wedding Pavilion and Franck’s Bridal Salon. I will try to provide commentary where I can…

Let’s start with the Wedding Pavilion and Franck’s, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings “show” office next to the pavilion. This is where wedding planning sessions are held, but not where the actual work of DFTW gets done (that’s an office building in Celebration).

 photo IMG_2938_zpslb7vrxeu.jpg

 photo IMG_2982_zpsamwur5lt.jpg



 photo IMG_0047_zpsvmo30zff.jpg


 photo IMG_0044_zpszavu3cvh.jpg

 photo IMG_2979_zpsdule4quv.jpg

One of my favorite things about Franck’s is all the fake cakes on display!

 photo IMG_2971_zps1gcsfxs9.jpg

 photo IMG_2963_zpsi03ekkre.jpg

 photo IMG_0030_zps6basqjxn.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zpsbytc5hzk.jpg

 photo IMG_2967_zpskmzprhop.jpg


 photo IMG_2966_zpsv2xtbuml.jpg

You can actually order the plain white chocolate castle cake toppers—large or small—directly from the company that makes them from Disney. I have more information on this episode of the Disney Wedding Podcast (like how best to preserve them)!


 photo IMG_2976_zpsgo1efblb.jpg


 photo IMG_0042_zpseuttdtya.jpg


 photo IMG_2969_zpsbambbyti.jpg

 photo IMG_2977_zps3yrkgewg.jpg


 photo IMG_2970_zpsyd80csvs.jpg


 photo IMG_0025_zpshfqukgtg.jpg


 photo IMG_2964_zpszymqii0s.jpg


 photo IMG_2955_zps4r5e0lmf.jpg


 photo IMG_0043_zps3jiylty3.jpg

Franck’s has several smaller rooms where brides and grooms can meet with their planners to go over all the options for their Wishes Collection weddings (and vow renewals).

 photo IMG_2960_zpspc6ou8q8.jpg


 photo IMG_2972_zpsdhj5wtnv.jpg

 photo IMG_2973_zpscxsfnz9d.jpg

Franck’s also displays numerous table setups, which makes it easier to see some of the myriad options for chairs, linens, chargers, china, glasses, napkins, cutlery, place cards, tables names and centerpieces.

 photo IMG_0022_zpsrxq07d4n.jpg

 photo IMG_2957_zpsxatgtlof.jpg

 photo IMG_2950_zpsxgeinhk6.jpg

 photo IMG_2975_zpsiokqcdnm.jpg

 photo IMG_0039_zpsazpr753f.jpg

 photo IMG_0038_zpsrknwxopi.jpg

 photo IMG_2953_zpsjrmhq9ru.jpg

 photo IMG_2974_zpsnscupzvt.jpg


 photo IMG_2952_zps5rrucxkd.jpg


 photo IMG_2951_zpsavqcqytd.jpg

 photo IMG_0037_zps3dxx3el6.jpg

 photo IMG_0036_zpsd7ooybfl.jpg

 photo IMG_0035_zps1jsamkha.jpg


 photo IMG_0033_zpsgn4xnlnr.jpg

 photo IMG_0032_zpsxicya0mj.jpg
Hidden Carpet Mickey!

 photo IMG_2968_zps8fjlhqk7.jpg

 photo IMG_2965_zps37pjjddz.jpg

 photo IMG_2962_zps9lqzzzay.jpg

The Wedding Pavilion isn’t always open for a peek, but guests of the Bridal Showcase got to see inside the chapel and the newly remodeled brides’ and grooms’ suites.

 photo IMG_2940_zpsrhawqyqy.jpg


 photo IMG_2941_zpsbqqrcr4s.jpg

 photo IMG_0007_zpszpn57epl.jpg

 photo IMG_0020_zpsp8p9t8gq.jpg


 photo IMG_0010_zpsueu0bdks.jpg


 photo IMG_0019_zpskpzxbt3g.jpg


 photo IMG_0011_zpslqjxspph.jpg
“Do you really think we should use the Pavilion? I feel like we’re more of a ‘beach’ couple!”

 photo IMG_0018_zpsorjhky3o.jpg

 photo IMG_0017_zps2dqedudp.jpg

 photo IMG_2946_zpspxokgthu.jpg

 photo IMG_2947_zpsy36knprg.jpg

 photo IMG_0014_zpsbx1ljujv.jpg


 photo IMG_2948_zpsklmkwsgz.jpg


 photo IMG_0013_zpsjqumrclr.jpg


 photo IMG_2944_zps1yegkoag.jpg

 photo IMG_0009_zpst2tzpaet.jpg

 photo IMG_2942_zps0cndjn22.jpg

Now let’s hop on the monorail and head for the Contemporary Convention Center’s Fantasia Ballroom, site of the 2018 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Bridal Showcase!

 photo IMG_2985_zpsdkl7nusc.jpg

 photo IMG_2987_zpsmotm6cpl.jpg

 photo IMG_0364_zpseogs1saj.jpg

 photo IMG_3070_zps5ukv19zy.jpg


 photo IMG_3044_zpsjtegqf6j.jpg

 photo IMG_2991_zpsbyuhjkc7.jpg

 photo IMG_3086_zpsvv5e1u8y.jpg

 photo IMG_3040_zpsm78bpf9r.jpg
Water station (j/k!)

 photo IMG_0355_zps0c0h38n5.jpg

 photo IMG_3043_zpsb5h5abdo.jpg

 photo IMG_3042_zpsegmdhfki.jpg

 photo IMG_3041_zpsdkcttrbb.jpg

 photo IMG_3083_zpskx8hkuna.jpg


You can actually hire an artist to paint your wedding while it’s happening!

 photo IMG_3009_zpslim0nnic.jpg

 photo IMG_0370_zpsqowl53xa.jpg

 photo IMG_0371_zpstbvdvxej.jpg

 photo IMG_3069_zpsnpnqruw8.jpg

One of my favorite parts of these bridal showcases is getting to talk with a real-live Disney pastry chef. Those of us who like to order custom celebration cakes at Walt Disney World know the process can be super-confusing, and often the Private Dining staffers who take the orders aren’t aware of what the pastry team is really capable of. You’d be surprised what is actually possible when you go straight to the source!

 photo IMG_0368_zpskvzo1x9p.jpg

 photo IMG_3065_zpsdxgtjg32.jpg

Here are all the display cakes, including the famous $2,900 projection-mapping wedding cake.

No. 1 Rule of bridal showcases: You Snooze, You Lose (out on eating all the treats!)
 photo IMG_3068_zpst8ove8r1.jpg

Here’s what they had to nibble on during the event…

 photo IMG_3067_zpsmotawh7c.jpg

 photo IMG_0354_zpsyerv2jiv.jpg

 photo IMG_3034_zpstc1l8eh2.jpg

 photo IMG_3033_zpsvlbgjtp6.jpg

 photo IMG_3030_zps3uv5q9xs.jpg

 photo IMG_3029_zps8fsfmi9g.jpg

 photo IMG_3026_zps7fztvktc.jpg


 photo IMG_3063_zpsw6x28huy.jpg

 photo IMG_3062_zpstxeypaks.jpg


 photo IMG_3059_zpsdgtljag9.jpg

 photo IMG_3058_zpsweyxdvtt.jpg

 photo IMG_3057_zps7qk2e8ym.jpg

 photo IMG_3032_zpsp2pzhdy8.jpg


 photo IMG_3049_zpsimvws3ci.jpg


 photo IMG_0361_zpsz7drnffw.jpg

 photo IMG_0357_zpsxnxmvbcj.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zpswnuecvej.jpg

 photo IMG_3023_zpssy0o3poq.jpg

It’s nice to see Disney has stocked up on Rapunzel/Tangled-themed props. It must be becoming more popular as a wedding theme.

 photo IMG_3022_zpsmpufxwyz.jpg

 photo IMG_3021_zpsr5oj6rgz.jpg

 photo IMG_3013_zpskx0aictq.jpg

 photo IMG_3054_zpsdypopoln.jpg


 photo IMG_3010_zpspyyprz0r.jpg


 photo IMG_3004_zpsuhpz85ga.jpg

 photo IMG_3003_zpslje39vsp.jpg

 photo IMG_2992_zpssccpueel.jpg

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings doesn’t really hold bridal showcases on any kind of a schedule, but if you’re wondering whether the next one would be worth a trip, check out my interviews with attendees of past showcases.

You can also read detailed wrap-ups of the last few showcases (and hear audio of some of the panels) here:

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