Luau Pointe – Polynesian Village Resort

Note: This venue is no longer available, due to construction of a new Disney Vacation Club Resort.

10 thoughts on “Luau Pointe – Polynesian Village Resort

  1. Hi Carrie-

    Thank you so much for all the useful information on your podcast and site. I have a question about this ceremony site, is it possible to also have the reception outdoors?

    1. You could have a small reception at Luau Pointe as long as it wouldn’t take you past the time before they start to open the Spirit of Aloha luau (if your event is on a Luau day). You could have a larger event out on the sand of Luau Beach.

    1. It depends on the venue you want to use and what you’re thinking of in terms of dancing. A short cake-cutting with first dances costs far less than a full 4- or 5-hour reception with a DJ. Complete pricing details for every venue can be found in my Fairytale Weddings Guide!

    1. Officially, the backup is a ballroom at the Contemporary Convention Center. You can also try to request Trader Sam’s or a ballroom at the Grand Floridian Convention Center.

  2. hello are u able to walk around this site during the day or any other resort dressed in ur wedding dress and have a quick Ido lol and take photos around d the resorts? the quick I do would be without purchasing a wedding package. also if u don’t get married official then u can’t do a private closed photo purchase correct? thanks for all the info

    1. Disney prohibits unofficial weddings at the resorts and in the parks. No one can stop you from wearing bridal attire and taking photos at the resorts, but it is possible that cast members would try to break up an unsanctioned wedding if they saw one. Or maybe they’d turn a blind eye. But you never know…

      Most people don’t want one of the most intimate and meaningful events of their lives to occur in haste and under a cloud of anxiety that they could be caught at any moment! There are numerous inexpensive ways to get married on Disney property via other companies (Just Marry, Sensational Ceremonies, and individual venues like Paddlefish, Terralina, House of Blues and the various resorts at Disney Springs). And anyone can do a bridal-attire, pre-park-opening photo shoot in EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. It’s only Magic Kingdom that is restricted to those who’ve had Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.

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